Wendy's 2000 Frogger 2:Swampy's Revenge

Packages toys came in

Opened set of four toys

Back side of toy set. 

Frogger was originally made in 1981 as a arcade game and was developed by Konami. It was a simple game that made you question why the frog crossed the road? The answer according to Konami was to get a high score. Frogger was noted as having the most ways to die of any video game at that point. Below is a playable version of the original arcade version:

 The game was later reimagined with multiple levels and even more obstacles in 1997. The game is commonly referred to as Frogger: He's Back. The game was published by Hasbro interactive and was one of the best selling games made for the Sony Playstation one. The Game had 33 levels and hidden golden frogs to find on each level. The new 3d Perspectives the game added was met with mixed reception from critics. The game went on to sell over one million copies for the PC. 

Due to the commercial success of the first game. A second game was made and promoted with a TV Commercial:

Along with a Wendy's Toy promotion with four different toys. 
The first one was a digital clock in the shape of Frogger with the display on the back of him. 
The second one was a Frogger with a pump attached to him. When you pressed the yellow pump Frogger would jump forward. 
The third toy was a travel size checkers game
The fourth toy was a maze game. You have a small silver ball and must move it past all the holes in the maze and get to the finish line to win. 


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