Fast Food Toy Directory

This is a blog dedicated to finding data and cataloging all of the fast food toys  ever made:


Big Boy (Switched to coloring sheets for kids)

Burger Chef (Merged into Hardee's and is no longer around)

Burger King

Captain D's

Checkers (No Longer Serves toys)

Chick Fil A

Church's Chicken

Dairy Queen (No Longer Serves Toys)


Domino's Pizza


K-Mart Cafe


Hungry Jack

IHOP (No Longer Serves Toys)

Jack in the Box


KFC (No longer serves toys)

K-Mart Cafe (No longer serves toys)

Long John's Silvers

Pizza Hut (No Longer serves toys)


McDonald's 1955 - 1978

McDonald's 1979 - 1989

McDonald's 1990 - 1999

McDonald's 2000 - 2009

McDonald's 2010 - 2020

McDonald's Walmart Exclusives 


Red Rooster

Roy Rogers (Became McDonald locations)



Taco Bell (No Longer serves toys)




White Castle 


If you click the store name you will go to a page listing the current list of all fast food toys cataloged by company. Please send any info you have on any series or restaurant not listed! The lists of all fast food toys is constantly being updated!


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