Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you making a database?
Couldn't find a nice database of fast food toys and am extremely fascinated by the different kind of toys you could get with a meal.

How Much is My Collectible worth?
We ask that you please check on eBay. Typically fast food toys are worth a dime a piece if that. You have to keep in mind that a lot of these toys were produced in the 1,000's if not 10,000's at a time a day over the course of a month. The stuff from the 80's may be worth more since they were not mass produced yet. There are a few very popular sets sprinkled over the years worth money but you will have to individually look them up. This website is meant as a database to keep a recorded history of all the toys.

Are you Affiliated with any chain?
NO, this is a database dedicated to cataloging all fast food toys from McDonald's to White Castle

Can I Contribute?
YES (Sadly it does not pay anything) Feel free to leave comments on post to help the database. Feel free to send emails about information not listed so it can be added. Photos of any mid 90s toys or earlier are appreciated as these can be hard to find.

Do You Make Money Off the Database?
Not really, it is a labor of love. I have added some eBay link searches on each toys page for those who want to buy the toys. (I make a small commission when you buy from the link) At the moment it is more of a hobby database. In the future I might add more stuff on the database to help pay bills.

What do you think of the future of fast food toys?
Taco Bell, KFC and other chains have discontinued selling toys with there meals and others may follow suite. The world is moving in a increasingly digital way and toys with meals may no longer be a thing in the next ten years.

Can I donate to help you spend more time data basing? 
YES, Please Send a Email for information for Paypal, Bitcoin, and most other cryptocurrencies addresses.

What is your favorite toy?
Tough one, Mcdonald's 2017 Holiday Express Train & Jurassic Park Burger King 2013 set. Huge Jurassic Park/World fan!

Who Makes the Most Toys?

Do You Collect fast food toys?
Yes, one day my future kid can play with the ones I find neat.

Do You Buy Fast Food Toys?
Only a few sets of them. You can find some sets that end up on my eBay store if your interested.

Do You Accept Donations of Toys?
Yes, if it does not end up being used for cataloging it might end up on eBay or given to different kids that want them.

Do You Support Adding Toys in Kids Meals?
Neutral, I like them but a lot of the food served with them is not great for kids to be eating. Hopefully chains starting making healthy meals.

Will you include Breakfast cereal toys?
NO, at a later point a separate database may be made. Cereal prizes predate fast food toys and the data is even harder to find. If I ever finish cataloging all fast food toys I might start on Cereal toys but have no intention to do one at the moment. 

Where do you find all your data?
Interviews, eBay, encyclopedias, and more! Pretty much any way I can. A lot of the data is scattered and difficult to organize. This is a attempt to keep a record of all the different toys by year. A lot of the toys were mass produced and thought to be disposable. McDonald's has the best recorded history due to the McDonald's Collectors Club. Even then that club no longer exists as of 2015 (Dwindling attendance) I have tried reaching out to different companies about the history of their kid meal toys and will update if I hear anything.


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