McDonalds 1979 - 1989

Safari Adventure by DEINERTiger, Rhino, Monkey, Alligator, Gorilla, Hippo, Elephant, Lion
McDonaldland Pennants– Ronald McDonald, Grimmace
Undersea figures by DEINERSeal, Tiger Shark, Sea Turtle, Whale, Whale Shark, Walrus, Crocodile, Great White Shark, Dolphin, Hammerhead Shark, Penguin
Look-Look books– Animals that fly, Cats in the wild, Animals of the sea, The biggest animal
Dallas Cowboys football cards on meal cartonsChuck Howley/ Don Perkins, Don Meredith / Bob Lily, Roger Staubach / W. Garrison
Door alarm w/ balloon (No information could be found except item name)
Little Savers fold up bank with Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland Jalopy cars– Birdie, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland cookie cutters/ moulds –  Ronald McDonald, Grimace
McDonaldland  flip top game  (No information could be found except item name)
McDonaldland fun moulds– Ronald McDonald, Fry Guy, Mayor McCheese, Birdie (No info)
Ronald McDonald party hat  (No information could be found except item name)
Ronald McDonald Tip ‘N Tilt game
Megaphone ring whistle
Ronald McDonald popsicle mould
McDonaldland character pens on lanyards– Big Mac, Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar
McDonaldland  sponges- Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar
Ronald McDonald acrobat
Ronald McDonald frisbee
McDonald’s Fry ‘n the Sky kite
Captain Crook Fishin Fun game
Ronald McDonald Who’s in the Zoo? game
Letterland Stationary (3 writing sheets/ 3 seals) – Ronald McDonald / The Professor, Captain Big Mac / Grimace / Fry Guy
Ronald McDonald w/ Fry Guy light switch cover “Turn me OFF when you’re out!”
1980 Olympics Javelin Throw w/ paper distance markers
Styro-Gliders – Space Cruiser USA, Ronald Styro-Glider, Ronald McDonald Airlines, Ronald McDonald Airplane
McDonaldland Sunglasses– Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie

Other promotion items in 1980

Big Ronald McDonald sugar cookie
45 RPM record- Ronald McDonald and Friends – songs, “Share a Song from Your Heart” and “F-R-I-E-N-D-S” benefitted Muscular Dystrophy
ZOO Happy Cups– free with purchase of a shake- Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Captain Crook
78 RPM record- Ronald McDonald visits America w/ storybook
Yellow Plastic McDonaldland Adventure Series cups-  Ronald McDonald saves the falling stars, Grimace climbs a mountain,  Hamburglar hooks the hamburgers, Big Mac nets the Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese rides a runaway train, Captain Crook sails the Bounding Main
Yellow Happy Cup– Ronald McDonald and Grimace
78 RPM record– Kids Radio Birthday Party starring Ronald McDonald, Dee-Jay
78 RPM record– Kids Radio Rainy Day Fun Starring Ronald McDonald, Dee-Jay
Free McChicken Sandwich for Dad coupon for Father’s Day 1980
Easter 1980 egg art wrappers- Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Valentine’s Day 1980 cookie box sleeves
Ronald McDonald Gift Wrap set w/purchase of $5 book of McDonalds gift Certificates
1980 Ronald McDonald colouring calendar w/coupons
McDonaldland  Fun Times quarterly magazine
McDonald’s Barbie by Mattel in McDonald’s uniform, 9″
McKids overnight bag – Birdie and Hamburglar on bike, 15 1/2″ x 10″ x 5″
McDonald’s logo plastic apron
Stuffed McKids Ronald McDonald backpack 12 x 22″
Ronald McDonald red costume wig
Sam the Olympic eagle ball cap
USA Olympic and McDonald’s logo ball cap
Camp Snoopy ball cap
McDonald’s logo scarf – knit
Ronald McDonald handkerchief 14″
Ronald McDonald mini-kite
McDonaldland Scribble pad 6×9″
Lifelike Build-ems scale resturant model
Record, Ronald McDonald and Friends
Frisbees– Ronald McDonald white 8″, Sundae Sailer,  Ronald McDonald and Fry Guys 9″, Ring flyer 9 1/2″, Ronald McDonald and Fry Guys 9″
Glasses, red plastic “see-behind”
1980 Olympic Flag 12″
Kites–  Movin’ On,  Fly’n the Sky 40″,  Nobody Can Do It 3′
McDonaldland Adventure series glasses


Old West rubber figures– Frontiersman, Indian, Sheriff, Lady, Indian Squaw, Cowboy
Adventures of Ronald McDonald rubber figures– Birdie, Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook, Hamburglar
Dinosaur Days rubber figures – Dimetrodon, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus
Sponge Toys – Dinosaur, Birdie the Early Bird
Xographs hologram cards- Mastodons, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Sabre-Toothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex
3-D Happy Meal boxes with paper 3D glasses shaped like the McDonald’s arches.
Going Places cups-Airplane, Gray Elephant, Steam Engine, Dune Buggy, Fire Engine, Paddle Wheeler
Wacky Cups – Farm, Forest, Parade, Party, Picnic, Zoo
Playmobile by Schapen Toys (test)- figure with coupon to get an accessory set- Indian,  Construction Worker, Cavalry Soldier, Soldier’s Horse, Umbrella Girl, Farmer, Farmer’s Cow
Pocket Patch – Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland Pen Holders
McDonaldland combs– Fry Guy, Hamburglar
Ronald McDonald flywheel frisbee
Goblin Bowling game, Goblin Hockey game, Goblin Horseshoes game
Ronald McDonald catch game -figure, basket and ball on string
Tic Tac Toe game
Ronald McDonald / Fry Guys iron on patch
Ronald McDonald rubber band ring
12″ foot-shaped ruler
6″ Ronald McDonald ruler
Wooden paddle-ball- Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Ronald McDonald string pipe
Ronald McDonald plane and counterbalance on earth ball
Red wind-powered spinner
Rubber-band powered speedboat– Ronald McDonald, Grimace
McDonaldland green and yellow spoons and forks
Tube Whistle – Grimace, Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland blow whistles
Nose Maze Game
Jolly Jet Sponge
Other Promotion items in 1981
McDonaldland Fun Times Quarterly Magazine
45 RPM record– Menu Music Chants
1981 Ronald McDonald Colouring Calendar  w/ coupons
Happy Times Gift Wrap paper and ribbon
Holiday ornament- Bear in Christmas Stocking
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign dolls, 4 1/2″- Ronald McDonald, Grimace
The Great Muppet Caper glasses 5 5/8″
Ronald McDonald seated clock 12×16′
Birthday seals
Growth Chart- Ronald McDonald 5′ x 31/2″
Garfield Christmas dolls– Santa Garfield, Angel Garfield, Garfield Elf, 12″, Reindeer Odie, 12″
Ronald McDonald cloth ornament 4 1/2″

Reissue Going Places cups-Airplane, Gray Elephant, Steam Engine, Dune Buggy, Fire Engine, Paddle Wheeler
Going Places Plastic Spaceships w/ McDonald’s and USA decal stickers – eight windowed, four knobbed, rounded front, pointed front
Going Places Plastic Train Cars with McDonaldland decal stickers– Ronald McDonald Engine in red or blue, Coach in yellow or blue, Caboose in red or green, Freight Car in orange, yellow or green
Giggles and Games– Bumper Car, Monster, Road Rally, Chase, Outer Space, Sunken Treasure
Little Golden Books– Poky Little Puppy, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, the Monster at the End of this Book, Benji: Fastest Dog in the West
Playmobile figures by Schapen (recalled because of small parts) -figure with coupon to get an accessory set- Indian,  Sheriff, Horse and saddle, Umbrella Girl, Farmer
Dukes of Hazzard plastic cars that doubled as Happy Meal containers- General Lee Car, Sheriff Roscoe Car, Uncle Jesse Pickup, Boss Hogg Cadillac, Daisy Jeep
Skybusters rubber airplanes by Matchbox- MIG-21, United DC-10, Mirage F-1, Tornado, Phantom F4E, Skyhawk AAF
Airplane International Cartons– with die cuts to be punched out and made into funny airplanes – 6 designs
Pop Cars- Ronald McDonald or Hamburglar
Tic Tac Teeth lift pad
McDonaldland Basketball game
Scissors– Ronald McDonald
Tickle Feather Sponge
McDonaldland game top
Ronald McDonald tape measure
Ronald McDonald Boxer Toy
Ronald McDonald Gymnast Toy
Hardworking Dump Truck
Mighty Mac Robot Dozer
Big Mac Burger toy on wheels
Spinners – Birdie, Grimace
Fry Grabber Tongs
Plastic Sardine Can Toy
Sponge Tickle Feather
Hang Gliders– Captain Crook, Professor, Ronald McDonald
Hardworking vehicles– bulldozer, dump truck
Fly, Fly Birdie launcher
Mayor Cheeseburger character pen on lanyard
Guess ‘n Glow puzzle
Mystical scrambler kaleidoscope– Grimace, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
Spin Pipes– Grimace, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
Other promotion items in 1982
Dukes of Hazzard cups– Luke, Boss Hogg, Sheriff, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Bo
Atari Giveaway - Scratch off cards
Wacky cups– Airplane Hanger, Country Club, Figure Skating, Jungle Gym, Monkey Business, Traffic Jam
Plastic cup- Ronald holding a birthday cake w/ Grimace, Hamburglar w/ Fry Guys and balloons, Ronald McDonald Happy Birthday
78 RPM record– The Ronald McDonald All Star Party, 18 songs, 6 games
45 RPM record– the Magic Record #1, story or song disappear/ appear when playing
45 RM record– the Magic Record #2, story or song disappear/ appear when playing
Fun Times Magazine
1982 Ronald McDonald See the World Colouring Calendar w/ coupons
1982 Sticker Fun Colouring Calendar to benefit Muscular Dystrophy
Norman Rockwell Christmas ornament free w/purchase of $5 Gift Certificate book
Going Places Happy Meal cup Ronald McDonald w/ Fry Guy
Frisbee– Birdie flyer
Ray Kroc 80th birthday celebration baseball / Padres
Sheriff of Cactus County McDonald’s metal lunch box with thermos
Barbie love McDonald’s playset by Mattel
Barbie and Skipper McDonald’s uniforms
Pencil Tablets – McDonaldland 8×10″
Spiral notebooks– McDonaldland 8×10 1/2″
Tablet– Ronald McDonald ABCs

McDonaldland Junction train cars with connectable wheels- Ronald McDonald engine, Hamburger Patch flat car, Birdie parlour car, Grimace caboose
Fun Times Magazines
Mystery Ronald McDonald Detective Kit
Mystery Unpredict-a-ball
Mystery Magic Crystal Ball w/fortune cube
Mystery Magni Finder– Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Fry Guy
Ship Shape Plastic boats that doubled as Happy Meal Containers- Hamburglar Jet Splash Dasher, Grimace Tubby Tugger, Captain Crook Rub -a-Dub, Ronald McDonald Riverboat
Circus toys- Grimace Strong Gong, Acrobatic Ronald, Ronald McDonald Funhouse Mirror, French Fry Faller
Punch Out Circus Scenes– The Ronald McDonald Midway, Grimace McDonaldland Theatre, The Great Ronald McDonald w/ Hamburglar, Fun House, The Great McDonald’s Circus tent w/ Birdie
Astroniks- figures w/McDonald’s arches logos – Skater, Sport, Scout w/ flag, Robo, Thirsty, Lazer, Astralia w/ Ice cream cone, Snikapotamus 
Fun House mirrors- Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar
Happy Pails– Pail and shovel sets doubled as Happy Meal containers- Ronald McDonald, Beach Scene, Fry Guys
Winter Worlds flat vinyl toys– Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, Grimace, Birdie
Children’s Size Reach Toothbrush w/ Colgate Toothpaste tube
Hot Wheels Promotion- Crew Advertising Gift (Cadillac Seville w/wheel shaped box given to McDonald’s crew members), Pop Kit, clothing items, etc.
Hot Wheels cars– Firebird Funny Car, Jeep CJ-7, Sheriff Patrol, Baja Breaker, Land Lord, Corvette Stingray, Three Window ’34, Split Window ’63, Minitrek Camper, Mercedes 380 SEL, Chevy Citation, Porsche 928, Malibu Grand Prix, Turismo, Tricar, Front Runnin’ Fairmont, Dixie Challenger, Datsun 200 SX, ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler, Stutz Blackhawk, Cadillac Seville, ’57 T-Bird, Race Bait
McDonaldland Combs
McDonaldland Baseball game
Spinner Baseball toy
Fun Ruler w/ characters
Styro-glider – Ronald McDonald
Other promotion items in 1983
Plastic cup- Going Places
Vinyl ornaments with loop– Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar, Mayor Cheeseburger, Ronald McDonald
White plastic cup– Ronald McDonald’s Happy Cup
Ronald McDonald hand puppet– adult and child sizes
Fun Times Magazine
78 RPM record– Merry McBirthday from Ronald McDonald
1983 Ronald McDonald Space Explorer Colouring Calendar w/ magic rub ‘n discover spots
1983 Norman Rockwell Christmas ornament w/purchase of $5 gift certificates- flat brass grandfather and son rocking
Leader of the Pack cup series – Happy Meal Guys sailing, racing, playing music
Camp Snoopy glasses– “Rats! Why is having fun so much work?”, “There’s no excuse for not being properly prepared.”, “Morning people are hard to love.”, “The struggle for security is no picnic!”, Civilization is overrated.”
Ronald McDonald seated wristwatch – Red/ Girl’s, Black/ Boy’s
Postcards- McDonald’s Moonwalk
Colouring Books – Baby Animals, Toys 11 x 14″ 1983
McNugget Mania apron
Blue denim backpack- Ronald McDonald and Fry Guys
Grimace plush doll 12″
Ronald McDonald cloth doll 15″
Good Sports Winter Olympics stickers – Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Grimace, Mayor McCheese, Sam the Olympic  Eagle, Hamburglar
Good Sports Summer Olympics puzzles– Finish Line, Under the Wire, Smile Ahead, Winning Goal, Biggest Splash
School Days pencils– Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace
School Days erasers– Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, Captain Crook
School Days Ruler with shape cutouts
School Days Pencil Sharpeners– Ronald McDonald, Grimace
School Days Pencil Case
Lego Building sets– Truck, Helicopter, Ship, Airplane
Duplo under 3 sets– Bird, Boat with Sailor
Play Doh- 2oz cans, blue, red, yellow, pink, green, white
Popoids – Pentahedron, Ball, Cube, Column, Cube or Ball, Bellows
Olympic Happy Pails – Sand pails and shovels that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Swimming, Cycling, Track and Field, Olympic Games
Olympic Beach Balls – Birdie, Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Happy Holiday sticker sheets– Gingerbread Holiday House, Toy Train set
Fast Macs pull back cars– Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland Bike Race on oval track– Ronald and Hamburglar
Three-Way fun card game
Yo-Yos- Spiral Logo, Arches Logo
Big Mac on Wheels toy
Grimace Spinner
Astroniks figures w/ McDonald’s arches logos – Racing sled, Drill, Perfido Man, Commander, Copter, Rotobackpack, Skiing
Other promotion items from 1984
McDoodle Desk and School Starter set
McDonaldland Fun Times Backpack
McDonaldland Fun Times Cup with Snap-on Lid and Bowl set
Fun Times Magazine
Vinyl Ornaments with cord– Grimace, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
1984 Ronald McDonald Visits… Colouring Calendar
1984 Ronald McDonald Colouring Calendar of the 1984 Olympic Games
Fun Times Magazine T-Shirt
Fun Times Magazine Grimace 30″ blow-up toy
Colouring Book- Learn the ABCs
Grimace plush fleece doll w/gold tshirt and headphones by Dakin, 11″
Birdie plush doll w/goggles and scarf by Dakin, 14″
Time to Eat vinyl baby bib– Ronald w/ pocket watch
1984 Los Angeles Olympics Banner 34″ x 17″
Little Golden Book– Ronald McDonald and the Tale of the Talking Plant
Card Games- Centipede, Scrabble, When the USA Wins You Win
Placemat– Happy Birthday McDonaldland characters
Poster– Have a Fun Hallowe’en
Game– McDonald’s Playland Funburst by Parker Brothers
Newstrack: Grinding it out autobiography series of Ray Kroc, 2 cassettes
33 1/3″ record McDonald’s All-American High School Jazz band
Ronald McDonald House black or red digital watches
1984 Olympic Mugs 3 1/2″  Fencing/ Cycling/ Ice Skating/ Equestrian Sports, Basketball / Baseball / Soccer/ Volleyball, Swimming / Kayaking/ Sculling / Sailing, Weight Lifting/ Running / Wrestling/ Archery

Sticker Club– Colour Paper Stickers, 12 McDonaldland characters
Scratch and Sniff Stickers– Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie, Fry Guy
Sticker Album
Reflector Stickers– Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Birdie, Mayor McCheese, Large Fries, McDonald’s Sign
Action Stickers- Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Birdie, Professor
Puffy Stickers – Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Ship Shape 2- plastic boats which doubled as Happy Meal containers- Hamburglar Jet Splash Dasher, Grimace Tubby Tugger, Captain Crook Rub-a-dub Sub, Ronald McDonald Riverboat
Ship Shape 2 U3 tub toys– Grimace, Fry Guy and Friend
E.T. posters 17×24″ E.T. with communicator, E.T. raising glowing finger, Elliot and E.T. on the flying bike, Elliot, E.T. and Gertie in front of the spaceship
Popoids II Crazy Creatures– Flat Circle, Penta Joint, Cube, Ball
Magic Show Magic tricks– Disappearing Hamburger Patch, Magic string pull, Magic Tablet, Magic Picture
Santa Claus the Movie storybooks- The legend of Santa Claus, The Elves at the top of the World
Santa Claus the Movie Activity books– Sleighful of Surprises, Workshop of Activities
Feeling Good – Captain Crook Comb, Fry Guy Sponge, Grimace Soap Dish, Hamburglar Toothbrush, Ronald McDonald Toothbrush, Birdie Mirror
Picture Perfect Crayola markers– Red/blue, orange/ green, 6 pack, flourescent blue/ orange/ red
Transformers – Gears, Cliff Jumper, Bumblebee, Brawn in 6 colour sets
My Little Pony charms– Minty, Blue Belle, Blossom, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Snuzzle
45 rpm records by Fisher Price– Green (She’ll be coming round the Mountain / Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes/ Story: the Object is Music), Yellow (Do the Hokey Pokey / Eensy Weensy Spider/ Story: Ronald McDonald Orchestra), Purple (Boom Boom Ain’t it Crazy? / Do Your Ears hang low? /Story: Music Machine), Blue (If You’re Happy / Little Bunny Foo Foo / Story: Ronald McDonald, One Man Band)
Stomper push cars– Chevy S10 (silver or yellow), Jeep Renegade, Dodge Rampage
Hallowe’en pumpkin pails that doubled as Happy Meal containers- McBoo, McGoblin, McPunkin, McJack, McPunky
Astroniks Space Rocket
Play-Doh 2- 2 oz cans, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink
On the Go games – Decal Transfer, Stop and Go, Stoplight Shape, Ronald Slate Board, Hamburglar Slate Board
Commandrons pull back robot vehicles w/ mini comic- Velocitor / Dawn of the Commandrons, Motron / Robo-Mania, Commander Manga / Airborne!, Solardyn / The Copy-bots.
Ronald McDonald Toothbrush
Vroomer Groomer combs- Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Florida Beach Balls– Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Birdie
Fast Macs 2 pullback cars– Hamburglar, Birdie, Big Mac, Ronald McDonald
Fast Macs 2 Signs– Turn Here for Fast Macs, Stop Here for Fast Macs
Hobby / Lunch Box w/ Arches logo
Plastic Vehicle Rings– Friendship Spaceship, Mighty Mac Robot Shuttle, 500 Smile Racer
Lego Little Travelers Duplo sets– Roadster / Race Car, Helicopter, Tanker / Boat, Airplane/ Pilot
Lego Super Travelers (for purchase, did not come with meal) – Helicopter, Airplane and Pilot, Cruise Boat, Race Car and Driver
Foam Gliders-  Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Hamburglar
Runaway Robots – Beck, Flame, Jab, Bolt, Coil (?), Skull
Astroniks figures – Pyramido, Perfido Man, Boy w/ ice cream cone, Astronik on rocket, Scout, Astronik w/headphones, Laser, Robo, Commander, Snikapotamous, Astralia
Other promotion items for 1985

Fun Times Magazine
Play-Doh Cut-Out Rings– Grimace, Hamburglar, Captain Crook, Big Mac, Birdie – all in various colours
1985 Ronald McDonald Secret Solver Colouring Calendar
9″ Plates–  Ronald McDonald w/ Birdie on the Moon Next to a Spaceship, Ronald McDonald w/ Fry Guys in a Biplane, Ronald McDonald w/ Grimace in the McDonaldland Express Train, Ronald McDonald with Grimace in a Sailboat
Christmas Ornament– 3″ stuffed Rudolph w/ a red bib and cord
McDonald’s clip clock
“Tooter” Harmonica
Big Mac folding puzzle 7 3/8″ sq.
Playing Cards– 2 decks in a box
McDonaldland Foods cards
Postcard– McDonald’s Riverboat
Pumpkin Head plush doll for promotional prize draw- 36″
Reindeer from Santa Claus the movie plush ornament

Airport snap together airplanes– Fry Guy Flyer, Big Mac ‘Copter, Fry Guy/ Hello Copter, Ronald McDonald Seaplane, Grimace Ace, Birdie Blazer
Under 3 – Grimace Smiling Shuttle, Fry Guy Friendly Flyer
Happy Pails 3 – Sand pails with shovels and sand-sifter lids that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Beach, Parade, Treasure Hunt, Vacation, Picnic
Play Doh 4- 2 oz cans, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink
Stomper Mini 4×4 big wheel cars– AMC Eagle, Chevy S10 Pickup, Chevy Van, Chevy Blazer, Dodge Ram Pickup, Ford Ranger Pickup, Jeep Renegade, Toyota Tercel, Stomper Special Offer
Under 3– Jeep Renegade, Chevy Van, Toyota Tercel
Young Astronauts– snap together space craft models- Apollo Command Module, Space Shuttle, Argo Land Shuttle, Cirrus Vtol
Halloween Pumpkin Pails that doubled as Happy Meal containers -McBoo, McGoblin, McPunkin
Lego Little Travelers Duplo sets– Roadster, Tanker, Airplane, Helicopter
An American Tail storybooks– Fievel’s Boat Trip, Tony and Fievel, Fievel an Tiger, Fievel’s Friends
Old McDonald’s figures by Playmate- Farmer, Wife, Cow, Rooster or Hen, Pig, Sheep
The Story of Texas story books with Texas map- Part 1: the beginning, Part 2: Independence, Part 3: The Frontiet, Part 4: The Twentieth Century
Beach Balls– Blue/ Birdie, Red/ Ronald McDonald, Yellow / Grimace
Beach Comber pails– pail with shovel that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Mayor McCheese with birds, Ronald McDonald with Sea Shells, Grimace with Fish
Construx building parts– Cylinder, Wing, Canopy, Axel
Crayola stencil sets with crayons or markers- Blue Triangle / orange or green marker, Red Circle/ crayons, Red Rectangle/ flourescent metallic crayons
Tinosaurs characters by Aviva- Dinah, Merry Bones, Time Traveler Fern, Tiny, Grumpy Spell, Kave Kolt Kobby, Baby Jad, Link, the Elf
High Flying Kites– Hamburglar, Ronald, Birdie
Colourforms– Ronald McDonald / farm, Birdie / Outdoors, Hamburglar / Picnic, Grimace / beach, Professor / camping
Glo-Trons Spaceship containers and glow in the dark stickers- Green pointed spaceship, blue engine at rear, red four engines, gray windows
Fry Guy golf game, Grimace golf game, Grimace bowling game
Berenstein Bears
Other Promotion items for 1986
Mighty Mac Robot Dozer
Football / Super Spinner
Helicopters- Big Mac, Hello! Copter
Grimace Mighty Mac Shuttle
Finger puppets- Birdie, Fry Girl, Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Fry Guy Friendly Flyer
Fun Times Magazine
Grimace Smiling Shuttle
7″ Plates– Ronald and Friends in Space, Ronald and Friends w/ Dinosaurs, Ronald and Friends on Train
American Tale Stocking Ornaments free w/ $5 gift certificate book–  Fievel on a Holly Leaf, Fievel on a Christmas Ball, Fievel on Sled, Fievel Dancing (also came with a $5 off coupon for the 18″ doll from Sears)
Gillette Minitrac razor “We’ll change the way you look at breakfast” 1986
McDonaldland / dinosaurs life pad 1986
McVote ’86 glasses 5 7/8″ 1986  He’s the Big Cheese in burgers / train, All the Makings of a Winner / car
Book– Behind the Arches, John T. Love, 1986


Crayola 2 sets w/plastic stencil and crayola marker or crayon – Hamburglar w/ crayons, Birdie w/ orange or green marker, Grimace w/ flourescent crayons, Ronald McDonald w/ blue or red marker
Under 3– Cardboard stencil of Ronald in a firetruck w/ crayons
Promotional bag printed like a Crayola crayon box w/stencils, crayons and an entry blank for “What America Means to You/ Draw America” contest
Muppet Babies 2 (test in 1986) – Plastic figures w/ their own separate ride-on toy-  Baby Gonzo w/tricycle, Baby Piggy w/convertible, Baby Fozzie w/ Hobbie Horse, Baby Kermit w/ Skateboard
Under 3- Baby Kermit and Baby Piggy on roller skates
Boats ‘n Floats – plastic boats with decals that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Grimace Ski Boat, Fry Kids Raft, Birdie Float, McNuggets Life Boat
Real Ghostbusters school accessories– Slimer pencil and topper, Staypuft Notepad and Eraser, Containment Chamber pencil case, Ghostbusters 6″ ruler w/XOGraph scenes, Stay Puft pencil sharpener
Berenstein Bears 2- flocked set – Papa w/ wheelbarrow, Mama w/ cart, Brother w/ scooter, Sister w/ wagon, U3 Papa (not flocked)
Under 3-  Mama (not flocked)
Hallowe’en Pumpkin Pails– lids had smaller patterns of holes in them- McBoo, McGoblin, McPunk’n
Disney Favourites Activity Books– The Sword and the Stone colouring book, Lady and the Tramp sticker book, Cinderella paint with water, Dumbo press out book
Runaway Robots– Bolt, Skull, Jab, Beak, Flame, Coil
Little Engineer train engines w/ decals– Grimace Purple Streak, Fry Girls Express, Birdie Sunshine Special, Ronald’s Railway, Fry Guys Flyer
Under 3– Fry Guy Happy Car, Grimace Happy Taxi
Metro Zoo rubber animals w/map of Miami Zoo– Gorilla, Elephant, Flamingo, White Tiger
TV Lunch Box w/ decals– Frys, Road
McDonaldLand Lunch Box that doubled as a Happy Meal container- 2 colour w/McDonaldland scenes on the white side – Ronald McDonald in Spaceship, Sliding Down a Rainbow, Playing Football, Playing Baseball
Kissyfur flocked rubber toys – Kissy Fur, Gus, Floyd, Jolene, Duane, Toot, Beehonie, Lennie
McDonaldland Band instruments-Fry Guy Trumpet, Ronald Harmonica, Hamburglar Whistle, Grimace Saxaphone, Ronald Whistle, Ronald Pan Pipes, Fry Guy Boat Whistle, Birdie Kazoo
Under 3– Train Whistle, Pan Pipes
Design-O-Saurs toys w/interchangeable parts-  Ronald on Tyrannosaurus, Grimace on Pterodactyl, Fry Guy on Brontosaurys, Hamburglar on Triceratops
Castle Maker sand moulds– Cylindrical, Rectangular, Square, Dome
ChangeablesMcDonald’s food package toys that transform into robots – Chicken McNuggets, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, French Fries, Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, Shake
Macthbox Super GT cars, each came in 2 colours- Ms. Bigfoot 0.9″ wheels, Ms. Bigfoot 1.3″ wheels, Bronco 0.9″ wheels, Bronco 1.3″ wheels, Bigfoot 1.3″ wheels, Bigfoot 0.9″ wheels, Shuttle 0.9″ wheels, Shuttle 1.3″ wheels
McDonaldland figures – Fry Guy on McBronto, Hamburglar on McTops
Under 3– Team McDonald’s, Happy Taxi
Other promotion items for 1987

Super Sticker Squares– 9 scenes w/100 reusable stickers
Stickers Fun Set
Cookie Cutters– Fun Mold-Fry id, Fun-Mold Ronald
Fry Guy on Brontosaurus, Hamburglar on Tricerahamburglar Triceratops
45 RPM record– Mac Tonight
Fun Times Magazine
Snow White Posters- Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves w/ the Dwarfs’ cottage, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs w/birds and rabbits  35×23″
Christmas ornaments from Disney’s Cinderella free w/ $5 gift certificate book– stuffed Gus and Jacque mice
MCKids white plastic cup 5 1/2″
Garfield glasses– Just me and the road, Poetry in motion, Home James, Are we having fun yet?
Frisbees- Fling ‘n Fly Ronald McDonald, Wild West Flinger Ronald McDonald, Flying Wheel Ronald McDonald 3 1/2″
Sunglasses– Mac Tonight
Small activity books, 10 fold 3 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ – Games ‘n Riddles, Travel Fun
Postcards– McDonaldland characters “The Whole Gang”
McKids logo ball cap
Hamburglar cloth doll 12″
Birdie cloth doll, 12″
Fry Girl cloth doll, 12″
Fry Guy cloth doll 12″
Fry Kids cloth ornaments – guy and girl, 31/2″
Muppet Babies Christmas stuffed dolls– Baby Kermit 10″, Baby Miss Piggy 11″, Baby Fozzie 12″
Ronald McDonald cloth doll w/raised arms 13″


Sailors Floating toys– Ronald Airboat, Fry Kids Ferry, Grimace Sub, Hamburglar Galleon
Under 3– Grimace Speedboat, Fry Guy Floater
Duck Tales– Wrist Wallet Decoder, Magnifying Glass, Duck Code Quacker, Telescope
Under 3– Magic Motion Map w/viewer lens
Fraggle Rock veggie cars– Gobo in carrot, Mokey in eggplant, Wembly and Boober in cucumber, Red in radish
Under 3- Red w/radish, Gobo w/carrot (tested in 1987)
CosMc! Crayola sets of colour sheets- Crayon set, Marker set, Chalk sticks set, Paint set
Under 3- So Big crayon set
Super Summer – (tested in 1987) Inflatable ball, Inflatable sailboat,Professor sand castle pail w/shovel, Fish-shaped Sand Mould, Birdie Pail w/shovel
Bambi – Bambi (2 versions), Friend Owl, Flower, Thumper
Under 3– Bambi (2 versions), Thumper
On-the-Go– Vinyl lunch bags w/ velcro closures- Ronald McDonald, Grimace
On-the-Go– Lunchboxes w/ sticker sheets – Green, Red, Blue
Zoo Faces- tested in 1987. Nose masks- Toucan, Monkey, Alligator, Tiger
Under 3– paper face masks- Monkey, Tiger
Muppet Babies Storybooks – The Legend of Gimme Gulch, Just Kermit and Me, Piggy the Living Doll
Oliver & Co finger puppets– Oliver, Francis, Gorgette, Dodger
Black History colouring books– Little Martin Jr., Vol 1, Little Martin Jr., Vol 2
New Archies bumper cars- Reggie. Veronica, Archie, Betty, Jughead, Moose
Sea World of Ohio rubber figures– Shamu, Perry Penguin, Dolly Dolphin
Sea World of Texas stuffed toys– Whale, Dilphin, Penguin, Walrus
Flintstone Kids animal cars– Wilma in Dinosaur-mobile, Fred in Gatormobile, Betty in Pterodactyl-mobile, Barney in Mastodon-mobile
Under 3– Dino
Hot Wheels cars– Street Beast (red/silver), P-911 Turbo (black/ white), Split Window (silver / black), ’57 T-bird (turquoise/ white), ’80s Firebird (blue/ black), Sheriff Patrol, Red Fire Chief
Sport Ball – Basketball w/ basket, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Football
Under 3– Baseball
Olympic Sports medallions– Ronald McDonald / cycling, Birdie / balance beam, CosMc! / basketball, Grimace / soccer, Fry Gal /diving, Hamburglar / hurdles
Peter Rabbit books– Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, Tale of Peter Rabbit
Duck Tales vehicles– Webby on tricycle, Launchpad in airplane, Uncle Scrooge in sports car, 3 nephews on a ski boat
Under 3– Huey on roller skates
Fraggle Rock coffee mug
Moveables McDonaldland characters– Hamburglar, Birdie, Ronald McDonald, Professor, Fry Girl, Captain Crook
Turbo Macs pullback cars – Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Birdie, Grimace
Under 3- Ronald McDonald soft rubber car
Matchbox Super GT cars – BR 5/6, BR 7/8 (white/ orange), BR 9/10 (aqua / white), BR 19/20, BR 21/22 (silver/ orange), BR 23/24, BR 27/28 (almond / green), BR 29/30, BR 31/32, BR 33/24, BR 35/26, BR 37/38
Mickey’s Birthday Land – Mickey’s roadster, Minnie’s convertible, Pluto’s rumbler, Goofy’s sport coupe, Donald’s engine
Under 3–  Mickey’s car, Minnie’s car, Goofy’s car (blue / green), Donald’s car (blue/ green)
Other promotion items for 1988
Luggage Tags w/raised characters – Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie
Combs– Ronald McDonald or Fry Guy on handle, several colours
McDonaldland embossed plastic spoons and forks- Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Fry Guy
Dress-up McNuggets stickers
Zipper pulls– Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar, Ronald
McDonaldland character pens on lanyards- Birdie, Fry Guy, Fry Girl
Photo Cards- Ronald/ Birdie/ Grimace/ Fry Kids, Ronald w/balloons and Fry Kids
45 RPM Record– Good Times, Great Taste
Fun Times Magazine
Oliver & Co. Christmas  Musical Ornaments free w/ purchase of $5 gift certificate book – Oliver, Dodger
Grimace cloth doll in baseball uniform, 12″
Muppet Babies Christmas stuffed dolls– Baby Kermit 10″, Baby Miss Piggy 11″, Baby Fozzie 12″
McNugget Fiesta hat
Browns 1988 football cap
Cleveland Browns handkerchief
Mac Tonight t-shirt
McDonaldland cookie / play-doh cutters 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ McDonald’s Logo (metal cut out), Fry Guy (plastic press mould)
McNugget Fiesta wooden coin w/card, map and flags of South America
Poster– Mac Tonight
Fisher Price toy sets– Breakfast,  Chicken McNuggets, Crew Uniform, Garden Salad, McDonald’s Happy Meal, McDonald’s Soda Fountain
Mac Tonight Piano music box “Mac the Knife” w/song book
33 1/2″ record, Million Dollar Menu song
33 1/3″ Record, Welcome to McDonaldland
Summer Triathalon mug 5 1/2″
Mac Tonight glasses and storage jar– Juice glass 4 1/8″, 8 oz glass 5 1/4″, Large glass 6 1/2″, Super Size glass 30 oz 7″, Storage jar
Roger Rabbit  mug
Super Size 20 oz w/ soda logos

McNugget Buddies– Cowpoke, Sarge, Corny, Snorkel, First Class, Drummer, Sparky, Rocker, Volley, Boomerang, Dress-up McNuggets sticker sheet
Under 3– Slugger, Daisy
Mickey’s Birthdayland vehicles– Minnie Mouse convertible, Donald Duck train engine, Goofy jalopy sport coupe, Pluto’s rumbler, Mickey’s roadster
Under 3– large soft plastic cars- Goofy’s car, Donald Duck’s jeep, Mickey’s convertible, Minnie’s convertible
Little Gardener gardening tools – Grimace rake w/ seeds, Birdie trowel w/ seeds, Ronald watering can, Fry Guys pail
Under 3– Birdie trowel
New Food Changeables -Quarter Pounder / Galacta Burger, Hot Cakes/ Robo Cakes, Large Fries / Fry Force, Shake / Krypto Cup, Big Mac/ Macro Man, Soft-Serve Cone / Turbo Cone, Cheeseburger / C2 Cheeseburger, Small Fries / Fry Bot
Under 3– 3D cube w/ Grimace, Birdie, CosMc! and Hamburglar
Garfield vehicles – tested in 1988  Garfield on scooter, Garfield on skateboard, Garfield in 4-wheel, Garfield and Odie in motor scooter
Under 3– Garfield on skateboard, Garfield with roller skates
Lego Motion sets– Gyro Bird, Land Laser, Sea Skimmer, Turbo Force, Swamp Stinger, Lightening Striker, Wind Whirler, Sea Eagle
Under 3– Duplo Tuttle the Turtle, Giddy the Gator
Hallowe’en pails– McGhost, McBoo, McWitch (with raised ‘hat’ lid)
Rescue Rangers – Chips Whirly-Cupter, Dale’s Rotoroadster, Gadget’s Rescue Racer, Chip’s Rockin Racer, Monterey Jack’s Propel-a-Phone
Under 3– Gadget’s Rockin Rider, Chip’s Rockin Racer
The Little Mermaid water toys– Flounder squirter, Ariel, Prince Eric and Sebastian in boat, Ursula the Wicked Sea Witch suction cup toy
Crazy Clingers – Ronald McDonald / parachute, Grimace / hot air balloon, Hamburglar / hang glider, Birdie / balloons
Ronald McDonald Bedtime – Ronald toothbrush, Sparkle crest toothpaste, Ronald plastic cup, Ronald glow-in-the-dark figure, Ronald foam mitt
McBunny pails– Easter pails with bunny faces and ‘ear’ handles that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Fluffy McBunny, Pinky McBunny, Whiskers McBunny
Beach Toy inflatables (test) – Catamaran, Beach Ball, Flying Disk, Submarine
McDonald’s Talking Storybook Dodo and Bones Dinosaur book and Cassette sets- Danger under the Lake, Amazing Birthday Adventure, Dinosaur Baby Room, Creature in the Cave
Read Along with Ronald book and cassette sets (test) – Dinosaur in McDonaldland, Grimace goes to School, The Day Birdie Learned to Fly, Mystery of the Missing French Fries
Sea World of Texas 6″ stuffed toys– Whale, Sea Otter, Dolphin
Sea World of Texas animal frame sunglasses– Penguin, Whale
Fun with Food Fisher-Price toys with decals– French Fry Guy, Soft Drink Guy, Chicken McNuggets, Hamburger Guy
Raggedy Ann and Andy figures – Raggedy Ann on swing, Raggedy Andy on slide, Camel with Wrinkled Knees on seesaw, Grouchy Bear on carousel
Under 3- Camel with Wrinkled Knees figure
Funny Fry Friends figures w/ interchangeable costumes(test) Gadzooks, Too Tall, Matey, ZZZ’s
McDonaldland character frame sunglasses- Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Hamburglar, Grimace
Mix-em up Monsters – Bibble, Gropple, Corkle, Thugger (also distributed by Avon)
McDonald’s Circus Parade – Ronald ring master, Bareback rider Birdie, Elephant trainer Fry Guy, Grimace playing calliope
McDonald’s Fry Benders bendy figures – Grand Slam, Freestyle, Roadie, Froggy,
Under 3- Tunes
Tom & Jerry Band – Droopy w/ Microphone, Tom on Keyboard, Jerry on Drums, Spike w/ base
Under 3- Droopy Conductor
Little Mermaid ornaments, Sebastian, Flounder
Happy Holidays Coke and McDonald’s ornament 3″
Postcard– McDonald’s Des Plaines Museum
Poster– Roger Rabbit Happy Hallowe’en certificates
Fisher Price toy sets– McDonald’s Cooking Centre, Little People McDonald’s Restaurant Deluxe Playset
Watch Out for the Other Guy bicycle and water safety teacher’s guide and cassette
Puffy stickers– Roger Rabbit w/ Hallowe’en gift certificate book
Tricolour wristwatch
Disneyland glasses 5 5/8″ Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Critter Country
Gourmet Coffee mugs with a packet of instant coffee– 1989  French Roast, Irish Cream, Vienna Roast
Founder’s Day – McDonald’s Homecoming Celebration white cup


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