McDonald's 2000 Disney Dinosaur Movie + (UK set)

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On November 22nd, 1995 Disney released the first computer animated movie called "Toy Story" followed by a "Bug's Life" in 1998 and "Toy Story 2" in 1999. The Success of these films lead to the creation of the movie "Disney Dinosaurs" The film was originally pitched as a stop motion picture and was going to have a darker tone. The backdrops in the film  were found in Canaima National Park in Venezuela; various tepuis and Angel Falls also appear in the film. The film cost $127.5 Million dollars to make and was the most expensive film made that year. Below is a trailer to the film:

During the films release McDonald's was the official sponsor of Dinoland USA at Disney's the Animal Kingdom. For more information about that, click this link. It will direct you to the page about the Animal Kingdom Opening toy set and info on the McDonald's Restaurant inside the park. 

Press Release/ Collector Edition Box

Press Release box close

Press Release Letters

Counter Display 

Toy set packages

Back of toy set packages

List of the toys you could have Gotten:
#1 Aladar                 (hand puppet)
#2 Carnotaur            (hand puppet)
#3 Neera                  (hand puppet)
#4 Kron                     (hand puppet)
#5 Pli-Zini-Shri-Yar   (toy)
#6 Baylene                 (toy)
#7 Eema                    (toy)
#8 Bruton                  (toy)

Hat Pin worn by Employees during film release
The Happy Meal Boxes had cardboard cutouts. You would cut out the dinosaurs and could pretend that they were trying to eat each other!
Happy Meal Box 

Back of Happy Meal Box

Happy Meal Box

Back of Happy Meal box
Set from the UK:
There were six different hard plastic toys you could have gotten
1) Bruton on a stand. Move his back legs his mouth opens and shuts. He can stand by himself but not on his hind legs.

2) Carnotaurus. Move his back legs and his mouth opens

3) Aladar with baby dinosaur hatching out of an egg. Push the egg down and  Aladar turns her head.

4) Pterodactyl - Figure for display only

5) Neera wind him up and put him on the floor and he moves on his back legs.

6) Aladar (blue), wind him up and push the button down on his back and he walks. He should have a monkey on his back which would keep the button depressed, but monkey is missing in the photos (Please send a pic if you have one) 

UK Toy Packaging 

TV Commercial:

TV Commercial for the Sweepstakes happening during the toy series:

Review of the toys:


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