McDonald's 1980 Diener Keshi Space Raiders & Matchbox minis

Space raiders:

Matchbox minis:
Vintage McDonalds Happy Meal / Diener Keshi 1979 Matchbox Mini Flexies Full Set!

They are small rubber figures manufactured by Diener Industries. They were a popular toy company that most 70s/80s kids will probably remember for there eraser tops.

The Space Raiders are made up from 8 different figures:
Lizard Man, Tree Trunk Monster, Insectman, Winged Amphibian Creature, Veined Cranium Creature, Vampire Bat Creature, Gill Face Creature and Horned Cyclops. Each of these sculpts is based on a creature from a retro science fiction movie or TV show .

The Matchbox cars all had there own design and had ten different designs in total.


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