Mcdonald's 2018 Peter Rabbit

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McDonald's released the Peter Rabbit toys to coincide with the  movie that was released on February 9th in the USA.


The toys have various functions.

Toy #1 is a ring toss game. You have 3 green rings and 3 orange rings to throw on to peter rabbit to catch.

Toy #2 is a miniature version of hungry hungry hippos

Toy #3 is a maze you press the carrots to get the ball back on track

Toy #4 is a soccer game where you launch the ball with one hand and move the rabbit to block it with the other hand

Toy #5 is game where you press the red button and when a person launches the rabbit they lose the game

Toy #6 launches carrots when you hit the button on the back of the figure and includes small targets to hit.

Happy meal box the toys came in


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