McDonald's 2001 Disney Atlantis + UK + Asia

McDonald's website ad
The toy series was made to promote the Disney film release in theaters known as Atlantis: the lost empire. Trailer below:

Package designs for toys
The nine toys made to promote the film in the USA were:
1) Milo Thatch in Subpod
2) Princess Kida on Ketak
 3) Audrey in Oiler
4) Vinney in Tinder Box
 5) Atlantean Crystal Toy Neck Medallion
6) Dr. Sweet in Tanker
7) Ulysses Submarine
8) Moliere in Digger
9) Leviathan

Mcdonald's Customer Satisfaction box (way to buy all happy meal toys at once) In the shape of the Shepherd's Journal

letter in the journal

slide from the letter
USA Happy Meal Bag 

Atlantean language on the side of the bag

TV Commercial:

TV Ad #2:

Fast Food Toy Review:

Happy meal bags (UK)

UK Version 

Asian Version

Asia TV Commercial:


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