McDonald's 2002 Disney's Treasure Planet + (Australia Version)

The toy series was made to promote the film Treasure planet. The 43rd Disney Animated film featured film. It was an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel "Treasure Island" with a science fiction tone and set in space. Trailer below:

There were two different toy sets made for the movie. One was only four pieces and made the robot named B.E.N. when all pieces were put together. The other was a set of eight action figures featuring the main characters from the movie. During this promotion they also started experimenting giving out video games in the mighty kids meals (Happy meals made for older kids).

Menu ad for toy set of B.E.N.

B.E.N. robot set in bags

B.E.N. pieces assembled to create a sixteen inch tall action figure
B.E.N. stands for Bio Electronic Navigator. The four parts were:
1) Head (stationary holder) 
2) body (direction compass) 
3) arms (drawing compass) 
4) legs ( telescope)

Menu ad for the eight action figures

Picture of all action figure toy set

List of the action figures:
 1) Jim Hawkins with a solar sail and a map piece stand that also had a light function on the other side.    
2) B.E.N has glow in the dark eyeballs. Included map piece that acted as a stand and compass if you flipped it over  
3) Arrow had a pull string hook and a map piece that acted as a stand that also could be used as a magnifying glass 
4) John Silver included a map piece that was also a treasure chest and included a fake tattoo 
5) Morph had a map piece stand with a pull out morph under it
6) Scoop and a map piece that made noise when you pressed a button. Also included instructions to use the map piece as a door alarm  
7) Doctor Doppler came with a viewing plastic stand and a map with a secret message 
8) Captain Amelia came with a map piece stand that you could change pictures on by spinning a part of it

Each action figure came with a piece of the map ball and could be assembled when you got all eight pieces.

 customer satisfaction box (way to buy all happy meal toys at once) was a paper treasure chest

inside the chest

top of chest

They gave out three different CDs with mighty Kid Meals with different games for the PC & Mac. It required a computer with Windows 95/98/Me/XP & Mac 9.X or higher. If you beat all three discs another video game was unlocked for free. Under each title image is a description of the games:
rescue the lost cargo of a crashed freighter ship - but look out for those deadly space rocks!

Obstacle challenge racing. Can you guide Jim to Victory?

Cosmic shooting game

The video games were later released as a box set to be bought at most big box retail stores. You can now find it online at

TV Commercial:

Fast Food Toy Review of the action figure set:

In Australia they had four different toys made for the film release there. The toys came in nicely designed boxes with characters on the front of the box and a background scene on the back of the box. The first toy was the same as the US version of Morph minus the map piece stand. The other three toys were Spinners of B.E.N., John Silver, & Jim. The spinner tops measured about 3" inches wide.


Jim Hawkins Spinner
Back of Jim Hawkins Spinner box

John Silver Spinner

Back of John Silver Spinner Box

B.E.N. Spinner 

Back of B.E.N. spinner box

each box had the toys sealed in a plastic bag

Spinner instructions

Missing info that would be appreciated if shared:

-Display (Most sets at the time had Diorama displays. Have not been able to find one)
-Crew Pins (Not sure if they made any)
-Happy Meal Boxes (Please, please, please send a pic if you have one)
-Banners and other advertisements


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