McDonald's 2001 Disney Monster Inc. + (Asia & UK)

Wall cling ad at some locations

In 2001 McDonald's ran at least three different toy promotions for the Disney Pixar film Monsters inc. Trailer below:

TV Commercial during promotion:

usa happy meal boxes

usa happy meal boxes

Happy Meal Website toy image of USA set
USA set display

USA set in bags

Back of USA set in bags

Set of the ten toys released in the USA. Some came with a door

The monsters names for the USA set were:
1) James P Sullivan "Sulley"
2) Boo
3) Randal Boggs
4) Mike Wazoski
5) Henry J. Waternoose
6) Celia Mae
7) Yeti
8) Roz
9) George Sanderson
10) Child Detection Agency Agent

Fast Food toy Review USA set:

Asian set
The Asian set toys had wind up features. They did not come with doors. Each character measured about 10 cm tall. Sully was 2 cm taller. Their were six toys in this set. The toys were:
1) Henry J. Watermoose 
2) Mike
3) Roz
4) Boo
5) Randal
6) Sulley

Asian Set Fast Food Toy review:

UK set display

UK toy set


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