McDonald's 2014 Nintendo Mario Kart 8 WiiU & TY Beanie Boo's

Starting with the top display toy series. We have Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo WiiU. The toy series had eight different toys. Each toy represented a character in the video game.

McDonald's website ad
bag design 
picture of all eight toys
The eight toys were:
1) Mario
2) Toad
3) Princess Peach
4) Donkey Kong
5) Luigi
6) Bowser
7) Yoshi
8) Mario Visor 

Each toy included McCoins that could be used with the McDonald's Mcplay app to unlock sliding puzzles based off the character you got.
Interactive app element from mcplay screenshot

TV Commercial:

happy meal box
fast food toy review:

asian version packages. No difference in toys

The other toy series were plush stuffed characters by TY called Beanie Boo's
other side of happy meal box

eight different designs as shown on webpage from McDonald's
All together there were 16 different Beanie Boo's eight of them were different colors but had the same name. The Beanie Boo's were named:
1) Surf
2) Peanut
3) Magic
4) ollie
5) Spells
6) Glamour
7) Coconut
8) Myrtyle 

Fast Food Toy Review:


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