McDonald's 1998 & 1999 Disney Mulan + 1999 European version

1998 Mulan toys during theatrical release
Store Display

Restaurant Banner that would hang from the ceiling

The toys were made to promote the Disney Animated film Mulan, Trailer below:

Happy Meal box and bags the toys came in:
1998 bags and happy meal boxes

back of 1998 bags and boxes

The promotion also introduced Szechuan Sauce a limited edition condiment that later becoming very popular in 2017 due to a Cartoon Network late night program called Rick & Morty. 

McDonald's did another toy promotion for the VHS release with spinner toys:
1999 Mulan Toys
1999 Happy Meal Box

Also in 1999 A European Version was made:
Europe toys
McDonald's USA TV Commercial in 1999:

Another TV Commercial:

Fast Food toy review for the 1999 toys:

Fast Food toy review for the 1998 toys:


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