McDonald's 1998 Disney's A Bugs Life

Menu place mat during toy promotion
Back of Menu Placemat
Display Banner hanged from the ceiling in Restaurants 

The promotion was started in the end of November to celebrate the Theatrical release of the Disney Pixar film A Bug's Life on Thanksgiving day of that year, trailer below:

There were three different promotions for the film at McDonald's. The first one was a gift card deal where you spent $5 dollars and got McDonald Dollars and a coupon book for Mattel toys. The Second promotion was for backpack clip watches you could buy separately for $1.99 each. 

Clip On Ad
Boxes the Watches came in 

side of the boxes

The Watches were called Clip-Toch and their were three different ones:
Leafy Anti-Ticks

Bug Eye Spy

Pop Topper

They could be clipped to your backpack or key chain and were powered by button cell batteries. The third big promotion for A Bug's Life was the Happy Meal Kids toys. There were two different displays made for the toys:
Counter top jar

Better picture inside the counter top jar
Top of the counter jar display

The other was the more traditional diorama display:
A Bug's Life Store Display

There were eight different toys made to promote the meal and a activity happy meal box. All the toys were wind ups or pull backs. The Box had a cardboard cut out light switch cover so you could make your light switch un-bug-lievably cool!, along with a stacking game and a cross out the letter game to figure out the Ant Queens name.
Each happy meal toy came with one of four trading cards as seen above

Happy Meal Toys bags

Happy meal toys out of bags

The toys names were:

1) Dim the blue rhinoceros beetle 
2) Rosey the spider 
3) Dot the ant princess 
4) Flick the ant riding a leaf
5) Francis the ladybug
6) Heimlich the caterpillar
7) Hopper the grass hopper 
8) Princess Atta ant 

hat pin employees wore during promotion. Featuring Dr. Pepper on it.

TV Commercial During toy Promotion:

Second TV Commercial:

The general market commercials were created by DDB Needham Chicago, part of Omnicom, and the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago. Ads aimed at Spanish-speaking consumers were created by del Rivero Messianu Advertising in Miami and ads aimed at black consumers by Burrell Communications Group in Chicago.

Fast Food Toy Review: 

Promotional t-shirt

Picture of T-shirt Image


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