Burger King 1987 Pop Up Dinosaur Cards

image from dinofan.com
picture taken

image from dinofan.com
The dinosaur Pop-up Cards were 7 1/2" long by 4 1/2" tall. They were made of thin cardboard and die-cut, so that their Dinosaur stands can be punched out. Allowing the featured Dinosaur to 'pop up'.  The Dinosaurs featured were:

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Woolly Mammoth

On the right side of the cards was a fact summery of the Dinosaur, and a punch-out plant to insert on the pop-up Dinosaur stand. The back sides of the cards were blank. They were each inscribed on the lower right with "Burger King Corporation, Selling Solutions, Inc. 1987 Atl. GA.".
We are not sure how many cards were made in the series and were only able to find 4. 


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