McDonald's 2014 (UK) & 2015 (Australia) Scooby Doo A Haunted Halloween

The set was also released with a McDonald's comic book. It says on the back of the book,
"Someone in Banning Junction is burning creepy patterns in corn fields. Seems like a ghost is out to ruin the annual Halloween party! Can Scooby and the gang solve the case and save the celebration?
Similar cover minus the scholastic and the top left issue number
The Spooky Storybook has a ghoul in it when you open it that is spring loaded and pops up at you. 

The Mummy surprise item holds the spooky storybook to hand to a unsuspecting person.

The Scurrying eyeball is a pull back eyeball that moves forward after you pull it back. While moving the eyeball moves back and forth

The spooky eye ball cup has a eye ball at the bottom. Perfect for pranking a suspecting visitor 

The Spooky Treasure chest has a place to put your finger in at the bottom of it. When you open the treasure chest you can press a button on the side to make the treasure move with the top lid and reveal your finger!

Scooby Door guard will make a sound when you pull the tail. When you turn it on and leave it on the door it will make a laughing sound if the door handle is moved.

The Monster Hand fingers move if you hit a green button on the side of it. 

(Not Pictured) Some McDonald's also had a Mystery Machine that  had a light and six slides in it. 


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