McDonald's 2017 Holiday Express Trains

McDonald's Promotional image

Picture taken of a store display
In 2017 McDonald's released one of the first toys featuring it's new mascot called happy. Happy is a happy meal box with hands and a face. Happy is featured on the caboose and the locomotive. Each train car has wheels under it to move it across the floor. The set did not include any train tracks and none were made for them. Each train could be connected to other trains to form a 12 piece train from a locomotive to a caboose.

From Bottom left to top from photo:

The locomotive had a switch on the side that turns on a light on the front of it. 

The Despicable Me 3 train has images of characters from the movie that change as you move the train.

The My Little pony train pony moves back and forth as the train rolls

The Jurassic World train has a t-rex that moves back and forth between the Jurassic Park sign on the train

The hot wheels train has a miniature hot wheel that spins around the track when the car is moved

The secret life of pets train has dogs on it that go up and down on a sleigh when the train is moved

The Barbie train has images of barbies that change as the train is moved.

The Minions train has Minions on a see saw that goes up and down as the train moves

The Caboose has a bell in it and makes sound when you shake or roll it

The Sing Train has a Koola on a moon that moves back and forth as the train moves

The Transformers train has Bumblee going up and down in it as the train moves.  

The Ty Beanie Babies train has a Ferris wheel that moves as the train moves. 

Box you might have gotten with the train

The outside looking wheels are hard plastic that does not move. The trains has small wheels under them in order to move and make the plastic casing easier during manufacturing.


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