Wendy's 2014 Scooby Doo Where Are you?

Released in 2014 to promote the show Scooby Doo Where are you?

There was a haunted house clue search (Bottom right image) It came with a set of stickers and clue cards. You can store the clue cards under the haunted house and you can look in the haunted house with a bit of light from above and see things on your clue cards.

The Secret Message Mystery Machine (Top right corner) Had a pen in the back of it and a flashlight in the front. It included a 4D activity sheet. The objective of the sheet is to find scooby doo and follow the clues. The ink is invisible unless you use the flashlight to reveal the hidden message you wrote.

The Monster Mystery (Center item) Is a Guess Who! like game. The monster figure lights up in the dark

Hide & Seek Scooby Doo (Bottom left) You get five paw prints with clues on them you hide that will lead some one else on a mystery to find Scooby Doo! The figure is a PVC figure with no articulated parts.

Finally you have the Scooby Doo Motion Mystery Machine. You get to build the haunted house and the Mystery Machine. It is a cardboard cutout that when assembled makes a nice display!


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