Burger King 2018 Dinosaur AR cards (South Africa)

Click here to install the app on the google play store for android phones

You would get a 3 pack of dinosaur cards with your meal in south Africa during the promotion. Each of the 25 cards showed a 3-D animation of a dinosaur superimposed on a real background seen through a smartphone camera. You could download the free app on either the play store or App store (apple products) in order to experience the AR aspect. Each card would show the dinosaurs name, sounds it would make and educate you about the dinosaur.

Ezelna Jones, head of marketing at Burger King South Africa, said "The dinosaur experience shows the burger chain is embracing the need for change in meeting the needs of kids". Developer BizAR Reality created the cards and app for Burger King South Africa

List of dinosaurs cards:
tyrannosaur Rex
and 20 more (Will add names if discovered. Could not get cards stateside)


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