Sonic 2016 Be Cool! Scooby Doo


Based off the cartoon series Be Cool! Scooby Doo. In this cartoon Scooby Doo no longer uses the letter "R" in front of his words. There were five different toys you could have gotten with your meal. 

The shaggy toy is a plush toy that covers shaggy's face with a cloth of the monsters face. 

The Green Sea Monster comes in two pieces that you attach together. The sea monster tail and head half move. When you move the arm the mouth opens. 

The Scooby Snack box had stickers in it. 

The Mystery Machine is a cut out that came in 4 different pieces

The Scooby Doo figure is a bobblehead 

Each pack also came with a small sheet of paper to get a free digital came app through sonic. The paper contained a unique code in all toys. 


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