Burger King 1995 & 1996 Toy Story

Window and Menu Ad

unopened set of 1995 toys
other side of packaging

Display of all toys outside of packing 
In 1995 Disney teamed up with Burger King to make Promotional toys for the first movie. You could get one of six toys:
Buzz Lightyear- Plush toy
Woody- Plush toy
Mr.Potato Head- Hard Plastic, does not come apart
Rex- Hard Plastic
Army Men- Hard Plastic and have Disney stamps on the bottom of them. 

For a $1.99 you get one of four puppets:

1. Woody
2. Buzz Lightyear
3. Mr. Pig
4. Rex

Picture of the crown that came with the meal packaging

The 1995 toy story set was made to promote the theatrical release of toy story. It was Pixar's first full length film. Trailer below:

The toys were given five different TV ads:

Review of the Burger king 1995 toys:

The toys were so popular that Burger King and Disney did another toy promotion in 1996 for Toy Story when it was being released on VHS tape. 
Bag your food came in

bag and fry package designs

Unopened set of all eight toys
The set of toys were:
1) Buzz lightyear
2) Woody
3) Alien spinner
4) Mr. Pig
5) Lenny (Wind-up binoculars) 
6) Scud (Sid's Dog)
7) Little Bo-peep
8) Slinky Dog

Place mat your food was served on

Picture of store display from Pixar Planet
Tv Commercial ad:

Fast Food Toy Review:


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